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Preparing for an Apocalypse: Y2K

A web resource based on the exhibit curated by Stephanie H. Crowe, CBI Assistant Archivist





Time Magazine – “The End of the World!?!”
This issue of Time, published January 18, 1999, is an indication of the public fears about Y2K.  The front cover reads: “The End of the World!?! Y2K insanity! Apocalypse Now! Will computers melt down? Will society? A guide to MILLENNIUM MADNESS.” Stories inside the magazine query whether Y2K will signal the end of the world and discuss how “computers [got] into this mess” in the first place.

Reports of Y2K and Time Magazine, Box 6, Center for Y2K and Society Records (CBI 155)  

Magazine Cover: Time Magazine, January 18, 1999