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Preparing for an Apocalypse: Y2K

A web resource based on the exhibit curated by Stephanie H. Crowe, CBI Assistant Archivist


Y2K Connections
There were many different responses to the pending Y2K crisis. One of the more unusual was the creation of the Y2K Connections card game, whose slogan was “Building Community – Not Crises.” The purported goal of the game was to build relationships that would better weather the consequences of Y2K than people could do individually. Players were instructed to respond to potential Y2K scenarios such as “The telephone system is down, no one knows for how long. How could you check to see if your mother is okay?”

Artifacts Collection, from Center for Y2K and Society Records (CBI 155)

Game Kit: Y2K Connections Pamphlet: Y2K Connections
Detail of Game Cards for Y2K Connections