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Charles Babbage Institute
211 Andersen Library
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University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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CBI Staff

Jeffrey R. Yost, Ph.D., Director
Amanda Wick, Interim Archivist
Melissa J. Dargay, Administrator

Honghong Tinn, Ph.D., Affiliated Historian

William Aspray, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow
James W. Cortada
, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow
Jennifer Light, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow
David E. Nye
, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow

Thomas J. Misa, Ph.D., Former Director
Arthur L. Norberg, Ph.D., Founding Director

Advisory Board

Jennifer Alexander, Ph.D.
Mark Borrello, Ph.D.
Kris Kiesling, MLIS
Marcus Riedel, Ph.D.
Rachel Schurman, Ph.D.
Loren Terveen, Ph.D.
Honghong Tinn, Ph.D.


CBI historians design and administer research projects in the history of information technology and engage in original research that is disseminated through scholarly publications, conference presentations, and the CBI web site. CBI archivists collect, preserve, and make available for research primary source materials relating to the history of information technology. The archival collection consists of corporate records, manuscript materials, records of professional associations, oral history interviews, trade publications, periodicals, obsolete manuals and product literature, photographs, films, videos, and reference materials. CBI also serves as a clearinghouse for resources on the history of information technology.

Origins and Governance