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An evolving web resource based on the exhibit curated by R. Arvid Nelsen and designed by Darren Terpstra

The following pages show images of the physical exhibit that was presented in the Andersen Gallery of the Elmer L. Andersen Library, May 28 - June 23, 2008. Text from the exhibit and scans of some of the materials exhibited can be found from links on pages reached via the thumbnails below. Please explore! New content will be added regularly.

Women Forming Their Own Communities

While the computer industry, its schools and companies, conveyed varying messages about the roles women could and should perform in the field, women took it upon themselves to form communities that supported their interests and met their needs.  The communities took place in person, in print,  and online.  Organizations like the Association for Women in Computing were formed.  Founded by fifteen women in Washington, DC in December, 1978, the national organization had 1,000 members from thirty states by the end of its first year.  The first newsletter appeared in February 1979. They held their first national conference in June 1982 in Houston, Texas and soon after published the proceedings titled Addressing Our Goals in the 80’s.

Electronics Woman
Addressing Our Goals in the 80s
Women Computing

Internet Quilt

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