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An evolving web resource based on the exhibit curated by R. Arvid Nelsen and designed by Darren Terpstra

The following pages show images of the physical exhibit that was presented in the Andersen Gallery of the Elmer L. Andersen Library, May 28 - June 23, 2008. Text from the exhibit and scans of some of the materials exhibited can be found from links on pages reached via the thumbnails below. Please explore! New content will be added regularly.

Notable Women in Computing

The Charles Babbage Institute holds the collections of some notable women in the computing fields.  These collections hold notes and published writings relating to their work, personal and professional correspondence, biographical information, and research materials that often contain the writings of other noteworthy women in computing.  Holdings also include audio recordings and transcripts of oral histories, some of which may be available online (please consult with CBI staff or check our website for details).  Not on display but in the CBI collections are also the papers of Frances E. Holberton (also known as Betty Snyder), one of the original women to work on the Eniac and a leading figure in programming language development (CBI 94).

Gertrude Blanch Papers (CBI 162) - See Collection Finding Aid

Human Interest Story
Numerical Aspects of Mathieu Eigenvalues
Numerical Evaluation of Continued Fractions
Table of Characteristic Values
Computation of Harmonic Measure
Women in Mathematics
Letter: March 4, 1964
Photo of awards ceremony
Letter: December 1968


Margaret R. Fox Papers (CBI 45) - See Collection Finding Aid
Margaret Fox collected materials in order to document the work of the National Bureau of Standards, or NBS, where she was hired as part of the Electronic Computing Laboratory in 1951.  She was appointed Chief of the Office of Computer Information in 1966, part of the Institute for Computer Science and Technology of NBS.  She held the post until 1975.  She was also actively involved in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and served as the first Secretary for the American Federation for Information Processing Societies (AFIPS).  The Margaret Fox Papers contain collected writings by Fox herself as well as other notable comtemporary women in computing.

Letter: July 10, 1955
A Progress Report on SEAC
Automatic Indexing Using Cited Titles
The Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator-I


Claire K. Schultz papers (CBI 86) - See Collection Finding Aid

Information Science Thesaurus
Do-It-Yourself retrieval System Design


Florence R. Anderson Papers (CBI 101) - See Collection Finding Aid
The Florence R. Anderson Papers is a small collection that documents her specific activity as a programming instructor for North American Aviation.  The collection includes instructional materials, minutes, reports and manuals.


Grace Hopper

Materials about Grace Hopper.

Great Men and Women of Computing
Interview with Grace Hopper
Understanding Computers

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