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An evolving web resource based on the exhibit curated by R. Arvid Nelsen and designed by Darren Terpstra

The following pages show images of the physical exhibit that was presented in the Andersen Gallery of the Elmer L. Andersen Library, May 28 - June 23, 2008. Text from the exhibit and scans of some of the materials exhibited can be found from links on pages reached via the thumbnails below. Please explore! New content will be added regularly.

Internet Quilt Front

Wall Hanging for Diane Barlow Close (The Internet Quilt)
The following is a list of the blocks in the wall hanging and their location:

Row #1:
Bea Deering: flying pigs material
Carol Castaldi: embellished, "key" on keyboard and beading on terminal screen
Marie-Christine Mahe: orange African print
Carolyn Ybarra: orange marbled print
Wendy Phillips Crawford: blue background, print with a chicken on it
Anne Gockel: with "out to lunch" on screen
Maria Ebling: multi-colored print


Row #2:
Anne Gockel: with "thanks Diane" on screen
Carolyn Ybarra: green and peach print
Wendy Phillips Crawford: rainbow sherbet colors with "Diane" on block
Kathy O'Meara Magnuson: geometric print
Karen Lofstom: with "rec.crafts.quilting"
Carolyn Ybarra: Flintstones print
Carolyn Ybarra: green and peach print

Row #3:
Jaye Lapachet: fish on the terminal screen
Denise Sobering: print of cats drawn by children
Marie-Chrinstine Mahe: child's print with Peter Rabbit farmer bunnies;  MC appliquéd a carrot-spear on one bunnies chest and added red beads for drops of blood (flame wars reference).
Carol Castaldi: embellished with key on keyboard and beading
Dorothy Westphal: blue, pieced block
Wendy Phillips Crawford: bright colored fabrics
Elizabeth Poole: needles and thread fabric

Row #4:
Carolyn Ybarra: print with buildings that have faces
Elizabeth Poole: recursive with 4 blocks within the screen
Carolyn Ybarra: print with buildings that have faces
Karen Lofstrom: has static embroidered on the terminal
Shelly Johnson: dinosaur print
Anabeth Dollins and EJP: hippo eating the terminal screen (it's great!) with yellow daisies too
Donna Martin: fish on a teal BG

Row #5:
Elizabeth Poole: yellow and black check
Karen Lofstrom: with "kibo inside" embroidered on screen
Elizabeth Poole: with silver medallion
Vicki Neff: embellished, with "Thanks Diane"
Marie Christine Mahe: orange African American print
Lynnette Viste: purple and turquoise, embellished
Barb Vlack: surfers print

Row #6:
Carolyn Ybarra: Flintstones print
Dorothy Westphal: orange chrysanthemums print
Anne Gockel: with "rec.crafts.quilting" on it
Mary Anne Harpe: matador print
Carol Castaldi: embellished with key on keyboard and beading
Elizabeth Poole: with "lunch" on it
Elizabeth Poole: with chili pepper in the terminal screen

Row #7:
Wendy Phillips Crawford: print with sewing notions
Kathy O'Meara Magnuson: geometric print
Bea Deering: flying pigs print
Karen Lofstrom: with "out to lunch" on it
Carolyn Ybarra: orange marbled print
Donna Martin: fish on teal BG
Anne Gockel: bright print



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