Norris series on 'Technology: Our Tireless Servant'
University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

"Technology: Our Tireless Servant"
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A set of public talks given by William C. Norris, Chairman and CEO of Control Data Corporation, in 1977-82, addressing employment, education, export policy, and the image of business, as well as urban and rural life.

  1. Intro: Employing Technology to Solve the Pressing Problems of Society
  2. Technological Cooperation for Survival[Feb. 1977]
  3. Via Technology to a New Era in Education[June 1978]
  4. A Policy for Export of Products & Technology[Sept. 1978]
  5. Technology and Full Employment [Nov. 1978]
  6. Back to the Countryside Via Technology [Jan. 1978]
  7. Harnessing Technology for Better Urban Living [April 1978]
  8. Technology for Improving the Image of Business [July 1978]
  9. Technology for the Inner City -- Experience & Promise [Sept. 1978]
  10. Technology and the Investor [Dec. 1978]
  11. Rebirth of Technological Innovation Via Small Business [Mar. 1979]
  12. The Pathway to Better Health Via Technology [Jun. 1979]
  13. Technology and the Handicapped [Aug. 1979]
  14. Technology and Corporate Governance [Dec. 1979]
  15. Technology and the Humanities [Mar. 1980]
  16. Optimizing Technology Resources for Mankind [Jul. 1980]
  17. Technological Innovation and the Prudent Man [Feb. 1981]
  18. Technology for Company-Employee Partnership [Jun. 1981]
  19. Technological Challenges of Small-Scale Agriculture [Nov. 1981]
  20. Human Capital: The Profitable Investment [Oct. 1982]

Control Data Corporation Records: William C. Norris Executive Papers, 1946-1995 [CBI 80, Series 9, Box 22].
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