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Callet.Tables portatives.1783.table page Callet.Tables portatives.1783.title page Callet.Tables portatives.1795.table page Callet.Tables portatives.1795.title page CalletTable of the logarithms.1827.title page
Callet.Tables portatives.1783.table page.jpg Callet.Tables portatives.1783.title page.jpg Callet.Tables portatives.1795.table page.jpg Callet.Tables portatives.1795.title page.jpg CalletTable of the logarithms.1827.title page.jpg
Camm.Newnes slide rule.1946.circular slide rule Camm.Newnes slide rule.1946.title page Cantone.uso prattico dell arithmetica.1599.multiplication tab Cantone.uso prattico dell arithmetica.1599.title page Cantone.uso prattico dell goods
Camm.Newnes slide rule.1946.circular slide rule.jpg Camm.Newnes slide rule.1946.title page.jpg Cantone.uso prattico dell arithmetica.1599.multiplication tab.jpg Cantone.uso prattico dell arithmetica.1599.title page.jpg Cantone.uso prattico dell goods.jpg
Capek.RUR.1923.title.color Capello.De mensuris.1607.title page Capra 1607 Title page Capra 1607 last page colophon Capra 1607 sector line of metals.BW
Capek.RUR.1923.title.color.jpg Capello.De mensuris.1607.title page.jpg Capra 1607 Title page.jpg Capra 1607 last page colophon.jpg Capra 1607 sector line of metals.BW.jpg