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A small portion of CBI's archival and published collections is available online in digital format. Some of these materials were originally in print and have been digitized; others originated digitally. See below for more information about how to access our digital collections.

Burroughs Corporation Digital Photographs and Videos

The Charles Babbage Institute is home to the historical archives of the Burroughs Corporation, once the nation's largest manufacturer of adding machines and, later, a major computer company. In this digital collection there are about 550 photos and 40 videos available. The complete collection of over 100,000 photographs depicts the visual history of Burroughs from its origin as the American Arithmometer Corporation in 1886 to its merger with the Sperry Corporation to form the Unisys Corporation in 1986.

Control Data Corporation Photographs

The photographs within the records of the Control Data Corporation, a Minnesota-based high-speed scientific computing company, document the company's operations, goals, plans, and products from its inception in 1957 to 1992. The entire photograph collection is available here.

Association for Computing Machinery Photographs

Selected images and materials of this educational and scientific computing society founded in 1947 as the Eastern Association for Computing Machinery, documenting its administration, operations, projects and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which represent virtually every major area of computing.

Oral Histories

CBI holds one of the world's largest collections of research-grade oral history interviews relating to the history of computers, software, and networking. Included in this collection are 300+ transcripts of our oral history interviews. Some transcripts are not available electronically.

Hosted Publications

The Charles Babbage Institute is proud to make available to researchers digital and digitized materials produced by CBI staff and other writers who have entrusted their materials to CBI.