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Articles are published continuously in annual volumes as they pass peer review.

Volume 3 (2004)


Date published: 3 May 2004

Globalizing Information Technology: The Domestic Policy Context for India’s Software Production and Exports / Balaji Parthasarathy [PDF]


Date published: 10 May 2004

Artificial Intelligence in Film: A Review of Cybercinema / Hunter Crowther-Heyck [PDF]


Volume 2 (2003)


Date published: 31 December 2003

Software Development at the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Company Between 1947 and 1955 / Arthur L. Norberg [PDF]

Date published: 5 November 2003

PLATO: From Computer-Based Education to Corporate Social Responsibility / Elisabeth Van Meer [PDF]

Date published: 4 April 2003

Patents for Software-Related Inventions / Jeffrey R. Kuester and Ann K. Moceyunas [PDF]

PERSPECTIVES (Reader Commentary)

Date published: 4 April 2003

20 Years—One Standard: The Story of TCP/IP / Jonathan B. Spira [PDF]

Reflections on 20 YearsOne Standard / Robert E. Kahn [PDF]

Date published: 13 January 2003

A Response to “A War on Two Fronts” / Richard Stallman [PDF]


Volume 1 (2002)


Date published: 13 September 2002

Studying the Increased Use of Software Applications: Insights From the Case of the American Petroleum Industry, 1950-2000 / James W. Cortada [PDF]

A War on Two Fronts: The U.S. Justice Department, Open Source and Microsoft, 1995-2000 / Paul E. Ceruzzi [PDF]

[Reader Response(s): Richard Stallman]

Social and Technical Interoperability, the Construction of Users, and “Arrested Closure”: A Case Study of Networked Electronic Mail Development / Julian Kilker [PDF]


Date published: 13 September 2002

Researching the History of Software: Mining Internet Resources in the “Old World,” “New World,” and the “Wild West” / Juliet Burba and Philip L. Frana [PDF]


Date published: 13 September 2002

Multicians.org and the History of Operating Systems / Thomas Haigh [PDF]

Digital Archives for the History of Software: The Allen Newell Collection and the Herbert A. Simon Collection / Corinna Schlombs [PDF]

Memories of John W. Tukey: Maintained by Bell Laboratories, Statistics and Data Mining Research Group / Atsushi Akera [PDF]

PERSPECTIVES (Reader Commentary)

Date published: 13 September 2002

Preserving Software / John Zabolitzky [PDF]

A Response to Preserving Software / Elisabeth Kaplan [PDF]


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