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The COOK Report – Open Availability at CBI and the University of Minnesota Libraries
For the first time in its long and impressive run – eleven to twelve issues per year from April 1992 through 2010, six per year since 2011 – The COOK Report on Internet Protocol is publicly available through the Charles Babbage Institute and the University of Minnesota Libraries.  It styles itself as a “Practical Navigator for the Internet Economy,” and will be of interest to anyone examining the early commercial internet, the rise of e-commerce, the evolution of internet and web standards, and the sometimes-fractious world of internet protocols.  Issues provide thoughtful and in-depth features ranging from essays and opinion pieces to conference reports, long-form interviews, and insightful diagrams of the guts of the evolving internet.

Gordon Cook

Gordon Cook, the sole editor and proprietor of the journal since its inception in 1992, made a gift of the complete run of the journal to CBI along with the expectation of its availability to everyone. We could not be more proud to undertake this responsibility. For the duration of its run to date, The Cook Report has been an electronic publication available only to subscribers. In its early years, it was delivered in PDF and RTF formats via the US Postal Service on disk, and later it was sent to subscribers via email. For a number of years, the University of Minnesota’s Science and Engineering Library subscribed, making it available online to students and faculty behind a firewall. CBI assumed the responsibility for hosting the publication in 2007 and it has been available students and faculty on our website, similarly behind a firewall.

For the first time now, this publication is available — in its entirety — to general audiences. Access is currently available in two locations:

The U Media Archive of the COOK Report holds image files of individual pages, grouped by issue. The content is fully indexed and searchable at multiple points within the discovery system. Image sizes can be changed.

PDF download of full issues will be available through a finding aid on the CBI website in mid-May.

Amanda Wick Interim CBI Archivist
We are please to announce that Amanda Wick will be joining CBI as our part-time interim archivist. Amanda’s May 2nd start date allows for a nice two month overlap with Arvid, ensuring some continuity in our archival staff. Amanda can be reached at <>.

R. Arvid Nelsen


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