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Arthur L. Norberg Travel Fund Contributors

William F. Aspray

Charles W. Bachman

Paul Baran

Martin Campbell-Kelly

James W. Cortada

Judith & John Diffenbaugh

Ronald Frazzini

Bruce Gilchrist

Martin A. Goetz

Richard J. Hedger

Thomas P. Hughes

John Impagliazzo

George T. Jacobi

Susan D. Jones

Ernest E. Keet

Sally G. Kohlstedt

Mark A. Largent

Thomas J. Misa

Robert M. Price

Linda C. Smith

Roger H. Stuewer

Earl E. Swartzlander

Erwin & Adelle Tomash

William Wulf & Anita Jones

Jeffrey R. Yost

The Arthur Norberg Travel Fund supports researchers needing to travel to CBI to consult archival and other research materials in person. Beginning in 2008, we have made up to 4 grants each year and aim to continue on a permanent and on-going basis.

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