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Computer Security in Popular, Scientific, and Managerial Literatures

This page was constructed using the Web of Knowledge database search engine, searching for computer security under the "Topic" heading. You may sort the search results -- by clicking on the column headings -- by author, title, topic, or chronologically from oldest to newest articles.


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Author Title Pub Date Topic
Allen, Brandt Danger Ahead! Safeguard Your Computer (1968 | lock PDF): Harvard Business Review, Vol. 46, November 1968, p97-101.
Early article discussing the common threats to electronic data, including physical damage, mechanical and operator error, and theft and sabotage. Allen makes the case that Electronic Data Processing had emerged from the "crash" projects that had characterized it in the beginning, and needed to fall under a mature system of auditing and security safeguards.
1968 business
Ames, Stanley R., Jr. and Peter G. Neumann Security Technology - Guest Editors' Introduction (1983 | lock PDF): Computer, Vol. 16, Issue 7, July 1983, p10-12.
Article discusses the growing problems of guaranteeing information protection, amid growing computer crime and loss of privacy. The article discusses the various kinds of protection needed, from information encryption, to secure operating system kernels.
1983 general
Azzarone, S. Experts Worry Over Medical Record Security (1979): Vol. 2, Issue 32, p2. 1979 medical
Banking Guarding Against Computer Fraud (1976 | lock PDF): Banking, Vol. 68, April 1976, p36.
Article warns against the rising frequency of embezzlement from "EDP" employees, who, the author argues, are often left to operate without adequate checks from others who are also knowledgable in electronic data processing.
1976 business
Bates, W. S. Security of Computer-Based Information Systems (1970): Datamation, Vol. 16, Issue 5. 1970 general
Beggs-Baker, Susan, et al Individual Privacy Considerations for Computerized Health Information Systems (1974 | lock PDF): Medical Care, Vol. 12, Issue 1, 1974, p75-84. 1974 medical
Bergantine, F. Dossier - Computer Security (1983): La Recherche, Vol. 14, Issue 143, 1983, p499-507. 1983 general
Bigelow, Robert P. Legal & Security Issues Posed By Computer Utilities (1967 | lock PDF): Harvard Business Review, Vol. 45, Issue 5. Article raises questions about the potential legal and security risks of adding computer automation to the workplace. 1967 business
Bigelow, Robert P. Computer Security and the Law (1982): Infosystems, Vol. 29, Issue 12, 1982, p84. 1982 business
Blasgen, Michael W. Database Systems (1982 | lock PDF): Science, Vol. 215, No. 4534, Feb. 12, 1982, p869-872.
This article discusses the growing number of database systems installed in the US, the benefits of those systems, and the associated security risks.
1982 general
Brooke, R. G. Privacy, Security and Computers - Guidelines for Municipal and Other Public Information-Systems (1976): Local Government Studies - New Series, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 1976, p76-77. 1976 government
Brown, M. J. C. Computer Security (1983): British Medical Journal, Vol. 287, Issue 6400, 1983, p1226. 1983 medical
Budzinski, R. Single-Chip Computer Scrambles for Security (1979): Electronics, Vol. 52, Issue 15, 1979, p140-144. 1979 general
Cole, G. Computer Network Security (1983): Journal of Systems Management, Vol. 34, Issue 12, 1983, p39. 1983 general
Conway, R. W., W. L. Maxwell, and H. L. Morgan On the Implementation of Security Measures in Information Systems (1972): Communications of the ACM, Vol 15, Issue 4, April 1972, p211-220. Discusses a model matrix for the implementation of security measures in information systems. Elements of the model matrix; Functions used in accessing the matrix in translation and execution time; Effect of comparison between data dependent and data independent decision rules on frequency of security checking. 1972 general
Cray, S. Codes, Ciphers, and Computers (1983): Creative Computing, Vol. 9, Issue 6, 1983, p308-309. 1983 general
Covvey, H. D., and N. H. McAlister Computer-Assisted Medicine - Privacy and Security (1980): Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol. 123, Issue 3, 1980, p231-235. 1980 medical
Curtis, D. Computer Crime and Computer Security - Impact on Information Systems (1979): Proceedings of the ASIS Annual Meeting, Vol. 16, 1979, p346. 1979 government
Dailey, H. W. Computer-Related Fraud in Hospitals - An Interview with Harold Dailey (1978): Topics In Health Care Financing, Vol. 5, Issue 2, 1978, p39-73. 1978 medical
Data Processing Aspects of Computer Security (1973): Data Processing, Vol. 15, Issue 6, 1973, p408-410. 1973 general
Data Processing Problems of Computer Security (1975): Data Processing, Vol. 17, Issue 6, 1975. 1975 general
Denning, Dorothy E., and Peter J. Denning Certification of Programs for Secure Information Flow (1977 | lock PDF): Communications of the ACM, Vol. 20, No. 7, July 1977. 1977 general
Denning, Dorothy E., and Peter J. Denning Data Security (1979 | lock PDF): Computing Surveys, Vol. II, No. 3, September 19, 1979. 1979 general
Dietz, L. D. Computer Security - Not Just for Mainframes (1982): Mini-Micro Systems, Vol. 15, Issue 6, 1982, p251. 1982 general
Diffie, Whitfield Outlook for Computer Security (1978): Mini-Micro Systems, Vol. 11, Issue 10, 1978, p42-44. 1978 general
Dyliacco, T. E. System Security - Computers Role (1978): IEEE Spectrum, Vol. 15, Issue 6, 1978, p43-50. 1978 general
Eischen, M. Computer Security (1983): The American City & County, Vol. 98, Issue 9, 1983, p12. 1983 government
Electronics Computer Security - Case of Priorities (1976): Electronics, Vol. 49, Issue 20, 1976 1976 general
Ellison, R. Does Computer Security Meet Privacy Requirements? (1978): Information Privacy, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 1978, p33-37. 1978 general
Freed, R. N. Computer Fraud - A Management Trap (1969 | lock PDF): Business Horizons, Vol. 12, June 1969, p25-30.
Article discusses the need for implementing security against fraud and embezzlement in computer-based accounting systems, just as in their "noncomputer" counterparts.
1969 business
Graham, G. Scott, and Peter J. Denning Protection: Principles and Practice (1972 | lock PDF): AFIPS '72 (Spring) Proceedings of the May 16-18, 1972, Spring Joint Computer Conference, p417-429. 1972 general
Granger, M. P. Records, Privacy, and Computer Security - A Doctor's View. (1981): Vol. 47, Issue 2, 1981, p63-64, 66. 1981 medical
Griesser, G. Data Security - Challenge to Medical Informatics (1978): Medical Informatics, Vol. 3, Issue 2, 1978, p71-75. 1978 medical
Guynes, S. Telecommunications and Computer Security (1979): Journal of Systems Management, Vol. 30, Issue 12, 1979, p19-23. 1979 general
Guynes, S., et al Computer Security Practice (1983): Journal of Systems Management, Vol. 34, Issue 6, 1983, p22-26. 1983 general
Habina, S. M. Encode - A Computer Security Program (1983): Interface Age, Vol. 8, Issue 5, 1983, p122. 1983 general
Hammon, G. L. How Safe? (1976): Hospital Financial Management, Vol. 30, Issue 2, 1976, p41-44. 1976 medical
Hammon, G. L., and M. V. Drake Hospital Data-Processing Presents Unique Security Needs (1976): Hospitals, Vol. 50, Issue 1, 1976, p103-105. 1976 medical
Hawkins, D. H. Protecting EDP Systems from Fifth-Column Attacks (1972 | lock PDF): Management Review, Vol. 61, October 1972, p51-53. 1972 business
Hayes, G. Practical Psychology of Mistrust in Computer Security (1981): Information Privacy, Vol. 3, Issue 3, 1981, p83-85. 1981 general
Heinrich, F. Computer Network Security Design Considerations (1983): Journal of Systems Management, Vol. 34, Issue 12, 1983, p39. 1983 general
Hemphill, C. F., and J. M. Hemphill Security Procedures for Computer Systems (1975): The Police Chief, Vol. 42, Issue 9, 1975, p.61. 1975 government
Henderson, R. P. Computers and Privacy (1971 | lock PDF): SAM Advanced Management Journal, Vol. 36, July 1971, p8-12. 1971 general
Horton, Frank Privacy, Security, And A Free America (1970 | lock PDF): Vital Speeches of the Day, Vol. 37, Issue 2, 11/1/1970, p44.
Presents the text of a speech given by New Jersey Congressman Frank Horton on September 15, 1970, which deals with computer privacy and security.
1970 government
Howes, Paul R. EDP Security: Is Your Guard Up? (1971 | lock PDF): Management Review, Vol. 60, July 1971, p29-32. 1971 business
Hsiao, D. K. Computer Security and Privacy (1978): Naval Research Reviews, Vol. 31, Issue 1, 1978, p21-26. 1978 military
IEEE Spectrum Foiling Computer Crime 2: Security Agency Denies Tampering With DES (1979): IEEE Spectrum, Vol. 16, Issue 7, 1979, p39. 1979 general
Isaacson, G. How to Establish a Computer Security Program (1982): Health Care Security and Safety Management, Vol 2, Issue 9, 1982, p5-9. 1982 medical
Johnson, C. B. Protection Primer for EDP Records (1969 | lock PDF): Banking, Vol. 62, December 1969, p85-86.
This article discusses the need for backing up data in financial institutions, and basic strategies for implementing adequate backups.
1969 business
Kak, Subhash C. Data Security in Computer Networks (1983 | lock PDF): Computer, Vol. 16, Issue 2, Feb. 1983, p8-10.
This article discusses the differences between network security and security on a centralized computer system.
1983 general
Kolata, Gina Bari Computer Break-Ins Fan Security Fears (1983 | lock PDF): Science, Vol. 221, Issue 4614, 1983, 930-931. 1983 general
Kolata, Gina Bari Computer Encryption and the National Security Agency Connection (1977 | lock PDF): Science, Vol. 197, Issue 4302, 1977, p438-440.
This article discusses the controversy surrounding the National Bureau of Standards DES 56-bit encryption standard. Critics, including Martin Hellman and Whitfield Diffie, cited its short key length as vulnerable to code-breaking. The article discusses the possibility of the NSA being behind the vulnerability, so that the agency could decipher the encrypted data.
1977 general
Konheim, A. G. Special Section On Computer Network Security - Guest Editor Prologue (1981): IRE Transactions on Communications Systems, Vol. 29, Issue 6, 1981, p761. 1981 general
Lampson, Butler W., and Carl Weissman A Note on the Confinement Problem (1973): Communications of the ACM, Vol. 16, Issue 10, October 1973, p613-615. This note explores the problem of confining a program during its execution so that it cannot transmit information to any other program except its caller. A set of examples attempts to stake out the boundaries of the problem. Necessary conditions for a solution are stated and informally justified. 1973 general
Landwehr, Carl E. The Best Available Technologies for Computer Security (1983 | lock PDF): Computer, Vol. 16, Issue 7, 1983, p86.
This article uses what has been learned from the development of computer security in military applications to assist commercial developers in creating secure systems of their own.
1983 general
Landwehr, Carl E. Formal Models for Computer Security (1981 | lock PDF): ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 13, Issue 2, Sept. 1981, p247-278.
Article discusses the previous decade's attempts at building "secure" computer systems, and the existence of systems in use in the Department of Defense containing information classified at a higher level than some of the users of those systems. The author discusses the need for formal security models to determine what exactly constitutes "secure," and how that security should be attained.
1981 general
Levine, M. D. Data Security for Personal Computers (1983): Popular Computing, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 1983, p178. 1983 general
Linowes, D. F. Communications Satellites - Their Impact on the CPA (1981 | lock PDF): Journal of Accountancy, Vol. 152, Issue 3, 1981, p58.
Article warns of the lack of security when transferring information, especially financial information, via satellite. The author cites examples of where fraud had already up to occurred up to 1981 using satellite funds transfer.
1981 business
List, W. Too Many Loopholes In Computer Security (1973): Cost and Management, Vol. 47, Issue 5, 1973. 1973 business
Llaurado, J. G. Breaches of Computer Security (1983): International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing, Vol. 14, Issue 2, 1983, p87-93. 1983 medicine
Madnick, S. E. Management Policies and Procedures Needed for Effective Computer Security (1978): Sloan Management Review, Vol. 20, Issue 1, 1978, p61-74. 1978 general
Malvik, C. Security and the Home Computer (1983): Information Age, Vol. 5, Issue 2, 1983, p87-90. 1983 general
Management Review Security Defenses for the Computer Room (1969 | lock PDF): Management Review, Vol. 58, May 1969, p67-68. 1969 business
Meinzer, H. P., and B. Sandblad Data Security In Information Systems By Language Analysis (1979): Computer Programs in Biomedicine, Vol. 10, Issue 2, 1979, p175-181. 1979 medicine
Millen, Jonathan K. Security Kernel Validation in Practice (1976 | lock PDF): Communications of the ACM, Vol. 20, No. 5, July 1976. 1976 general
Miller, W. H. Increasing Employee Security and Productivity with Computers (1981): Journal - American Water Works Association, Vol. 73, Issue 3, 1981, p136-139. 1981 government
Moffett, J. Zen and the Art of Computer Security (1981): Information Privacy, Vol. 3, Issue 3, 1981, p124-126. 1981 general
Morran, J. Richard How Does Your Bank Stack Up In Insurance Against EDP Losses? (1971 | lock PDF): Banking, Vol. 63, April 1971.
Article discusses why electronic data has great value to banking institutions, and is worth insuring against not just damage, but against errors and theft resulting in data loss.
1971 business
Morris, Robert Computer Security and the Bell System (1977 | lock PDF): Science, Vol. 197, No. 4305, 1977, p716.
This letter is a response to Gina Bari Kolata's article in Science, Computer Encryption and the National Security Agency Connection (PDF). Morris states that he had, despite Kolata's claim, never said Bell would not use the DES encryption standard. Morris clarifies that he was a critic of the standard, but supports it as an improvement over what had existed previously.
1977 general
Neugent, W. Acceptance Criteria for Computer Security (1982): AFIPS Conference Proceedings, Vol. 51, 1982, p441. 1982 general
Oberman, M. R. Communication Security in Remote Controlled Computer Systems (1983): Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 149, 1983, p219-227. 1983 general
Operations Bulletin New Threats and New Defenses (1970 | lock PDF): Banking, Vol. 63, August 1970, p69-70.
Article discusses the need for banks to secure computers and their storage materials just as they would other valuables. Includes interview with Louis Scoma, Jr., of Data Processing Security, Inc.
1970 banking
Orceyre, M. J. Data Security (1974 | lock PDF): Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, Vol. 15, Issue 1, 1975, p11-14.
This article discusses the threats to data "continuity," and walks through some fundamental elements in the process of achieving prudent levels of protection.
1974 general
Parker, Donn Computer Security Management (1983): Journal of Systems Management, Vol. 34, Issue 12, 1983, p39. 1983 general
Parker, Donn Future of Computer Security (1982): Information Age, Vol. 4, Issue 1, 1982, p15-18. 1982 general
Patrick, B. Computer Security Management (1974): Datamation, Vol. 20, Issue 4, 1974. 1974 general
Patrick, B. Security, Accuracy, and Privacy in Computer Systems (1974): Datamation, Vol. 20, Issue 4, 1974. 1974 general
Payton, J., and A. J. Asbury ABC of Computing - Computer Security (1983 | lock PDF): British Medical Journal, Vol. 287, Issue 6397, October 1, 1983, p965-967.
This article outlines three main types of security risks to a computer system, including environmental hazards, accidental damage and malfunctions, and unauthorized access to data.
1983 medical
Peterson, I. Computer Hacking and Security Costs (1983 | lock PDF): Science News, Vol. 124, No. 19, Nov. 5. 1983, p294.
This article discusses the threat of a new generation of hackers who exploit known weaknesses in early telephone-linked computer systems, describing those systems as inherently insecure due to their well-known default passwords, and the ease of dialing into them through trial-and-error.
1983 general
Porter, N. What Should You Do About Computer Security? (1980): Information Privacy, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 1980, p75-79. 1980 general
Pritchard, J. Computer Security and Unionization (1980): Information Privacy, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 1980, p69-74. 1980 general
Pritchard, J. Computer Security Authentication and Data Protection (1980): Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol. 31, Issue 1, 1980, p110. 1980 general
Reddy, Y. B. Data Security in Computer Networks (1979): Electronics Information & Planning, Vol. 6, Issue 12, 1979, p937-950. 1979 general
Rittersbach, G. H. Toward Computer Security (1975): Management Controls, Vol. 22, Issue 7, 1975, p158-165. 1975 general
Rhodes, W. L. Computer Security - 2nd Site Protection (1980): Infosystems, Vol. 27, Issue 9, 1980, p46. 1980 general
Rush, James E. Administrative and Financial Aspects of Computers in Education (1970): Journal of the American Society for Information Science, Vol. 21, Issue 4, Jul-Aug 1970, p299-302.
This paper discusses in a general way the acquisition of computing facilities. Guidelines are given for how to start in computing, what factors to consider in the acquisition of one's own equipment, where to get advice, who should use the facilities, and how to provide security and privacy for the user and for the facility.
1970 general
Schiedermayer, P. L. Many Aspects of Computer Security (1970): Police Chief, Vol. 37, Issue 7, 1970, p20. 1970 government
Scrupski, S. E. Networking of Computers and Data Security (1976): Electronics, Vol. 49, Issue 11, 1976, p124-127. 1976 general
Sendrow, M. Computer Security (1983): IEEE Spectrum, Vol. 20, Issue 1, 1983, p12. 1983 general
Shapley, Deborah Social Security Computers Vulnerable, GAO Says (1978 | lock PDF): Science, Vol. 21, No. 4351, 1978, 142-143.
This article discuses a General Accounting Office report that identifies security vulnerabilities in Social Security Administration computer systems, including the lack of safeguards around thousands of SSA terminals that are capable of creating and changing records in the central databank.
1978 government
Smejda, H. Build Controls Into System for EDP Security (1977): Hospital Financial Management, Vol. 31, Issue 3, 1977, p34-37, 40. 1977 medical
Srinivasan, C. A., and P. E. Dascher Computer Security and Integrity - Problems and Prospects (1981): Infosystems, Vol. 28, Issue 5, 1981, p116. 1981 general
Stillman, R. B., and C. R. Defiore Computer Security and Networking Protocols - Technical Issues In Military Data Communications Networks (1980): IEEE Transactions On Communications, Vol. 28, Issue 9, 1980, p1472-1477. 1980 military
Stone, R. Some Security and Integrity Controls in Small Computer Systems (1976 | lock PDF): Journal of Accountancy, Vol. 141, February 1976, p141. 1976 business
Tassel, Dennie Van Advanced Cryptographic Techniques for Computers (1969): Communications of the ACM, Vol. 12, Issue 12, December 1969, p664-665. Cryptographic techniques which can be used to maintain the confidentiality of information processed by computers are dealt with. Special emphasis is paid to the unique characteristics of computer files that make many cryptographic methods of little use. Relative security, costs, and preferred methods are included in this paper. 1969 general
Titus, James P. Security and Privacy (1967): Communications of the ACM, Vol. 10, Issue 6, July 1967, p379-380. Presents the author's views on the Spring Joint Computer Conference that was held in April 1967. Emphasis given to the protection of the sensitive information in multiple-access computers; Information on a session of computer users and designers on security and privacy, in which a consensus was developed by the speakers that this information can be protected in the computer; Report that the twenty-five government agencies will contribute information to this center, including data on manpower and data on the executive talents available to the government. 1967 general
Tsubo, T. Safety and Security of Medical Information Systems (1982): Japan Hospitals, Vol. 1, 1982, p57-63. 1982 medical
Tuchman, W. L. Computer Security and IBM (1977 | lock PDF): Science, Vol. 197, Issue 4307, 1977, p938.
This letter is in response to Gina Bari Kolata's article in Science, Computer Encryption and the National Security Agency Connection ( lock PDF). Tuchman states that, as a principle developer of the DES encryption standard, he had, despite Kolata's claim, not developed the standard in conjunction with the NSA, with the intention of leaving DES easy for the security agency to break for intelligence gathering purposes.
1977 general
Turn, Rein Privacy Protection and Security in Business Computer-Systems (1976): Atlanta Economic Review, Vol. 26, Issue 6, 1976, p24-30. 1976 business
Walker, B. J., and I. F. Blake Computer Security and Protection Structures (1979): The Police Chief, Vol. 46, Issue 8, 1979, p80. 1979 government
Turn, Rein, and Willis. H. Ware Privacy and Security in Computer Systems (1975 | lock PDF): American Scientist, Vol. 63, No. 2 (March-April 1975), pp. 196-203.
Article discusses the need to maintain the privacy and integrity of personal information in computer systems.
1975 general
Waring, L. P. What is Computer Security (1982): Information Age, Vol. 4, Issue 3, 1982, p142-148. 1982 general
Wasserman, Joseph J. Plugging the Leaks in Computer Security (1969 | lock PDF): Harvard Business Review, Vol. 47, September 1969, p119-129. 1969 business
Wearstler, E. W. Computer Center is for Safety, Not for Show (1971 | lock PDF): Banking, Vol. 63, April 1971, p70. 1971 business
Weber, Ron Audit Perspective of Operating System Security (1975 | lock PDF): Journal of Accountancy, September 1975, Vol. 140, p97-100.
The author discusses why operating systems should be audited, providing a general methodology for doing so.
1975 business
Weiss, H. Computer Security - Overview (1974): Datamation, Volume 20, Issue 1, 1974, p42-47. 1974 general
Westin, Alan F. Landmark Study of Computer–Privacy Problems Completed (1972): Communications of the ACM, Vol. 15, Issue 12, December 1972, p1096-1097. The article presents information about a study on the computer-privacy issue. The study has been completed by the National Academy of Sciences project on computer data banks, headed by Alan F. Westin, professor of public law and government at Columbia University. The study has resulted in a 500-page book "Databanks in a Free Society," that calls for embedding in every major record system in the nation "appropriate safeguards for the individual's rights to privacy, confidentiality, and due process." Westin and his associates have discovered what they call "factual misunderstandings" about the computer's invasion of privacy, almost a folklore that has developed in the past few years. The use of the social security number is one example. Other misconceptions discussed in the book include the belief that bringing in a computer inevitably leads organizations to: collect more detailed and intrusive information about individuals; consolidate confidential information from previously separate files; and share confidential personal data with government agencies and private organizations that had not received it before. 1972 general
Whisenan, P. M. Security, Justice, + Computer (1971): Datamation, Vol. 17, Issue 12, 1971. 1971 general
Whiteside, Thomas Computer Capers: Tales of Electronic Thievery, Embezzlement, and Fraud (1978): New York: Crowell, 1978. 1978 general
Whiteside, Thomas Dead Souls In the Computer (1977): The New Yorker, August 22, 1977, p35. 1977 general
Williams, J. Hutchinson, et al A Computer-Assisted Admissions Process (1977 | lock PDF): The Journal of Medical Education, Vol. 52, Issue 5, 1977, p384-389.
This article discusses the introduction of computerized admissions process in medical schools, and what the author believes constitutes maintaining the security of records in the system.
1977 medical
Willsher, S. Management Guidelines for Computer Security Implementation (1980): Information Privacy, Vol. 2, Issue 3, 1980, p102-105. 1980 general
Wong, K. Implications of Computer Security and Privacy In the 1980s (1980): Information Privacy, Vol. 2, Issue 3, 1980, p98-101. 1980 general
Wong, K. Quantifying Computer Security Risks and Safeguards - An Actuarial Approach (1982): Information Age, Vol. 4, Issue 4, 1982, p207-214. 1982 general
Wood, M. Computer Systems Security (1982): Data Processing, Vol. 24, Issue 7, 1982, p6-10. 1982 general

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