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  • 414s (hacker group of 1980s)
  • @Large incidents & formation of FBI computer crime squad
  • Attempt to squelch Davida's paper on crypto
  • Avondale Marine Fire
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Code Red
  • COPS Release (first free general security scanner)
  • The Cuckoo’s Egg
  • Elk Cloner virus (first virus in the wild)
  • Equity Funding Fraud
  • First IEEE Security & Privacy conference
  • First MOSCVAX hoax
  • First Spam
  • First virus workshop-conference
  • Formation of CERT (1988) / formation of FIRST
  • Franklin National Bank Failure
  • Learson speech to ACM
  • Lehigh virus
  • Mafia Boy and the first Internet DOS & Presidential summit
  • Melissa (computer virus)
  • NEW Morris Worm
  • Pakistani (Brain) Virus
  • Pentagon Fire
  • Rancho Santa Fe Conference (Davis/Carlson)
  • Tripwire release (first free IDS/integrity scanner)
  • SQLSlammer
  • Solar Sunrise
  • Union Dime Savings Bank embezzlement
  • WANK Worm

Supported by the National Science Foundation CNS--TC 1116862 "Building an Infrastructure for Computer Security History."

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