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Report on the IBM Joint Data Security Studies


Data Security and Data Processing, Volumes 1-6 (seven pieces), Joint Study by IBM Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, TRW System, Inc., and the Management Information DIvision of the State of Illinois, IBM Publications G320-1370 through G320-1376, White Plains, NY: June 1974.

In 1972, IBM, MIT, the State of Illinois, and TRW Systems undertook a joint study on data security. One goal was to build a sound body of knowledge about computer system data security, enabling users and manufacturers to better understand the subject, problems, and priorities in computer data security. Another goal was to provide practical experience with the cost and operational impact of adding data security measures to existing installations. Each partner organization undertook slightly different tasks in the overall study, but each site utilized an experimental IBM software product called Resource Security System (RSS) to address problems with access control, integrity, and journaling.(1)

Volume 1 provides an introduction and outline of the project. Intended for management, volume 1 describes the basic concepts and issues in data security, and connects those concepts with the overall report.

Volume 2 summarizes the findings, and provides abstracts of the detailed reports. Volume 2 describes the primary reasons for the studies as: To build a body of knowledge on the subject, and to gain practical experience with data security in an actual data processing operation.

Volume 3 (in two parts) was produced by the State of Illinois. The Illinois state Department of Finance's Management Information Division became the test site for the study of both the economic impact of imposing security measures on existing installations, and also the privacy considerations of information security, as the Department of Finance must handle large volumes of personal information belonging to state citizens.

Volume 4 was conducted by MIT. The MIT study was of three parts: 1. The study of the general problem of access control, with an emphasis on authorization mechanisms for controlling the availability of data to individuals. 2. A survey of user needs for data security and of security awareness in the financial, medical, educational, and service bureau communities. 3. The Information Processing Center at MIT evaluated the study findings to produce a method of protecting data through data set access control.

Volume 5 was conducted by TRW, Inc. The TRW study concentrated on the analysis of the nature of various vulnerabilities of computing systems, on the complex problems of protecting computing systems against such vulnerabilities, on techniques that aid in developing and evaluating secure systems, and on the desirability of secure system certification.

Volume 6 was produced by IBM's Federal Systems Center (FSC). This final volume contains the FSC's study on the problems associated with installing a security system in an already operational environment, the FSC's information and control system facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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1 : http://www.worldcat.org/title/data-security-and-data-processing-volume-1-introduction-and-overview/oclc/4769477296?referer=one_hit

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